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Simple, reusable ZIF “socket” for SMD parts.

I show how to use a pair of magnets to temporarily mount a surface mount chip to a breakout board.

Underhanded C: The Leaky Redaction

So, it turns out I am the winner of the 2008 Underhanded C Contest. The goal of the contest is to write some straightforward C code to solve a simple task, incorrectly. In particular, you had to introduce a hidden security flaw that would stand up to code review and not stand out at all. […]

ShapeLock and Hot Glue = Rapid Funny Looking Prototypes

While waiting for the parts to my very own reprap machine, I figured I would experiment a little with some possible head designs. One I am particularly interested in is something like a ‘pick and place’ machine that can manipulate objects in 3 dimensions. My simple design involves a drinking straw, a couple $3 hobby […]