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Painless IPSec setup for a home network.

I have written a script to painlessly set up fully secured encrypted network traffic between systems on a small LAN or home network. Although more specialized than other IPSec solutions such as SWAN or Racoon, it does provide for the common use case of securing otherwise sensitive protocols such as nfs, dns, web based device […]

Underhanded C: The Leaky Redaction

So, it turns out I am the winner of the 2008 Underhanded C Contest. The goal of the contest is to write some straightforward C code to solve a simple task, incorrectly. In particular, you had to introduce a hidden security flaw that would stand up to code review and not stand out at all. […]

On Biometrics and Passwords

It seems that whenever the topic of biometrics comes up there are some that can’t stop worrying about what will happen if someone gets ahold of your biometric data. After all, how hard is it to lift a fingerprint off a glass at a pub? Will using fingerprints for authentication mean you have to wear […]