Optimizing Haskell compiler jhc 0.8.1 is out

A new version of the jhc optimizing haskell compiler has been released with a new licence, new libraries, and lots of improvements.

After a long hiatus, I have released a new version of my haskell compiler jhc.


  • New license, jhc is now released under a permissive BSD style licence rather than the GPL. The license is compatible with that of ghc allowing code mixing between them.
  • New library layout based around the standards, there are now haskell98 and haskell2010 packages that are guarenteed to be future proof strictly compatible with the respective standards. A package haskell-extras contains the additonal libraries from ghc’s base.
  • Native support for complex and vector SIMD primitives, exposed via type
    functions. for instance ‘foo :: Complex_ Float32_’ for hardware accelerated
    complex 32 bit floats for instance. These are unboxed only for now, full
    library Num support in the works.
  • support for android as a target, you must install the android NDK to use this.
  • Support for embedded ARM architectures imported from Kiwamu Okabe’s branch
    allowing targeting bare hardware with no OS.
  • user defined kinds, introduced with the ‘kind’ keyword otherwise looking like
    ‘type’ declarations.
  • export/import lists now allow namespace qualifiers kind, class, type, or data
    to explicitly only import or export the specific named entity. As an
    extension allowed by this, classes and types no longer are in the same
    namespace and can share names.
  • ForeignPtr’s now have working finalizers when collected by the RTS.
  • CTYPE pragma to allow promoting arbitrary C types to FFIable entities.

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